Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I love 1988’s The Blob. You should too. There’s absolutely no reason to not. If you need more proof, download the latest Girls on Film to hear me and a few special gals make audio love to one of the ‘80s’ greates horror movies.

It's gooey.
Also, there’s talk of Tokyo Gore Police and an extended discussion about shopping for bras in clearance bins.

It's educational.
In other news, there’s a new Rogue Cinema issue online, wherein you can find my reviews of the sleazy (in a good way) The Super, plus the anthology Tales of the Undead and the serial killer meanie The 11th Aggression. Go get some!
Lastly, the real reason you're still reading:

Let’s face it: you came here to be BurlyQ’d. And the best way to do that? Download the GleeKast Meets Podcast Podcast commentary track of course! How else are you going to hear a whole bunch of overly intoxicated podcasters impersonate Cher singing television theme songs of the ‘80s? 

So slip on those glitter butthands leotards and wagon wheel watusi your way to iTunes!


  1. Yeah, I doubt that would be on clearance. Unless it was recalled due to burnout. Ouch.

  2. That bra doesn't succeed in distracting me from the prize underneath!

    I'm curious to hear all of your thoughts on Tokyo Gore Police, mostly because I like that film well enough and think it's much better than most of the other films in that whole Japanese Exploitation phase that's been going on.

    It's restraint and tone are greatly appreciated after seeing Frankenstein Girl vs Vampire Girl, or whatever it's called. Movie is barfola.

  3. I haven't seen these more recent Japanese exploitation films. On one hand, I might prefer them to the trite J-horror that kind of bores me now but on the other, I have no desire to see a lesser version of Tokyo Gore POlice.