Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big Things!

As Hurricane Sandy sings her way through New York, I bid you all a safe and spooky All Hallow's Eve's Eve with a nudge towards another blog tearing up the season in gargantuan style. You all know and love T.L. Bugg, he the keeper and swatter of The Lightning Bug's Lair. This October, he's been posting up a storm (or tropical cyclone, however the weather people now choose to classify it) with daily posts on gigantic monsters.

Though such a focus seems to violate my belief that smaller things are scary (see February's annual Attack of the Shorties), I fully endorse the Bugg's seasonal posts, in part because he let me share a few of my own virtually gifted picks. Head on yonder for mack trucks, white worms, underrated sequels, and face punch-ins (because giants are generally really good at it). 

Plus, you get the Bugg's take on one of monster cinema's proudest moments, THEM! 

What more do you want? The power back on? Puh-leaze.

Unless you need it to read our posts. Then I guess you're entitled to that dream.


  1. Emily,

    I hope you are safe and that Hurricane Sandy has not whisked you away to some faraway fictional place. But if so, try to land on a witch when you get there.

  2. Thanks Wayne! I'm actually so fine that I feel guilty for being so. We got some angry wind up here, but nothing affected me in the least. My TV flickered off last night as I was watching a tedious movie, so I have a feeling that was my TV's choice and had nothing to do with the actual storm.

    Man, as much as I love The Wizard of Oz, I better hope I never get stuck in a twister. With my luck and aim, I'd end up crushing the entire Munchkin City at just the right angle for the witches to have a great view.