Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Podcast Announcement!

Now available! A new podcast hosted by myself and that darling of a magazine editor, Paracinema's Christine Makepeace. Every other week, we'll be tackling two films. Sometimes horror. Sometimes not. We start Episode 1 by double teaming (not like THAT) Francis Ford Coppola, discussing that Gene Hackman jazz 1974's The Conversation 

and the 1986 start of Nicolas Cage's marvelous descent into insanity, Peggy Sue Got Married

Hipper than a surveillance expert with a tenor sax? Cooler than Jim Carrey in a supporting part? That's how we roll at The Feminine Critique! You can stream us here or head to the iTunes and subscribe for free. 

Did I mention the cost?

Get on it. Or else I'll sic Kathleen Turner on you, and nobody can handle that woman's baton.

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