Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Here!

I can't believe it!

Here's hoping everyone has the happiest of all the year's best holiday. I tip my cinnamon rimmed glass of pumpkin ale your way. 

And wish you all a joyous October 31st.


  1. Happy Hallowen, Emily!

    Over at my blog, I'm engaged in my annual 24-hour blogathon, obsessing on Jason Voorhees this year. Unfortunately I'll have to spend the better part of the day at work, which to me is like working on Christmas, so I'll be pretending my next day off (Friday) is Halloween.

    Have a great one!


  2. Neato! I give huge props to those bloggers that go all out on October & Halloween, but I never have the time or energy to do so. And Halloween on a weekday is always a drag. The only plus is that you can milk it for two weekends!

  3. Happpy happy, Halloween, Halloween ,Halloween, happy happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock! *head explodes with snakes and insects*

    Well I've had an awesome Halloween! I've been watching all thirteen episodes of Powers, a cool short-lived British tv series, thanks to youtube, since the series has NEVER been released on VHS or DVD! Grrrr! It wasn't even a particularly obscure show! It got positive reviews from many critics, audiences liked it, yet it just disappeared from existence eight years ago!

  4. Yay Chris! I've never heard of Powers, but my knowledge of pseudo obscure British television is not strong. Perhaps you've unlocked a previously closed dimension? Or tapped into a government conspiracy? I like to think so...

  5. Happy Halloween, Emily!! :)

    Just a lurker who has been subscribing to your blog for a while and who absolutely *loves* it!
    My ex-girlfriend and I had a blog up years ago called "Turkey Time Theater" where we would rent and review the most awful looking slashers we could find (the worst finds were either "Mr. Hell" or "Serial Insane Clown Killer", while the only one we actually liked was "Monster Man"), and reading your blog makes me really miss those days, as painful as watching some of those movies were.
    Anyway, love the blog, big fan, and all that.
    You rock. :)
    And happy Halloween.

  6. It might be a conspiracy! In my Halloween (the day, not the movie) post, I talk about three other shows of the like, and NONE of them are avalable in any form either! CONSPIRACY!

  7. Kurt: Thanks so much for posting! It's such a nice boost to hear from the quiet ones (especially since they're the ones always plotting). And now I have to go find Serial Insane Clown Killer. I have a weakness for titles that try way too hard.

    Chris: You're onto something. Now I expect to never hear from you again as Lili Taylor is sent in to replace you (why I decided to reference The Net right now is unclear).

  8. Oh my god, Capricorn One was a fake mission! I have uncovered the tru.....................................................

    Also, I second Serial Insane Clown Killer as being a movie that I need to find!

  9. Here's the IMDB entry for Serial Insane Clown Killer:'s *awful*. Like Mystery Science Theater 3000 awful. Be forewarned.
    Oh...and check out "The Greenskeeper" if you ever come across it, too. Godawful movie, but still has one of my all-time favorite/hilarious/bad kills: castration in a ball-washer on a golf course. Original, if nothing else. :)
    I downloaded the Feminine Critique podcast, too. Can't wait to listen to it!

  10. You know, I never realized golf ball-washers existed. But I guess they must, and now I can't believe it took so long to utilize them in a horror scene.

    Oh, and as for S.I.C.K. (Serial Insane Clown Killer): the lead actor once guest starred on Saved By the Bell: The New Class, so at least I know going in that it has some pedigree!