Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top 10 Reasons To Download This Week’s Girls On Film

10. You’re intrigued by the eerie love story in South Korean auteur Kim Ki-Duk’s celebrated (if frustrating to me) drama, 3-Iron. So intrigued in fact that you'll hear three opinionated women argue some of its merits and missteps.

9. You’re itching for a tangent where film-loving folks discuss their hatred of misused soundtracks in modern horror.
8. We somehow find a way to imagine a world where both Adventures In Babysitting and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead contained special edition DVD releases that include the only recently discovered deleted rape scenes.

7. We giggle like junkies at the dentist’s office over the wondrous design of the shirtless martial arts practicing, stripper face-cutting villain in Abel Ferrara’s 1984 classic sleazefest, Fear City, a film that includes Melanie Griffith’s breasts and Lando Calrissian uttering the words “Keep the pussy off the counter.”

6. Amber Heard (baggy Daisy Dukes included) in Drive Angry: hot or not? We give the verdict.

5. You can hear my impassioned explanation of how Attack the Block kicks the overlong bell bottom wearing ass of Super 8.

4. I do a grand impression of Tom Berenger’s slow motion battle cry in a boxing ring. 

3. No bra talk this week (yes, it probably has something to do with the rapture) but there's plenty of discussion about boobs (including Melanie Griffith's).

2. It’s free.
1. Joplin (my cat) speaks! I mean that in two ways: her cat voice (a high-pitched squeak of a meow) and her ACTUAL voice that I imagine she would have were she human, i.e., that of a chatty Long Island diner waitress.

(And yes, I'm aware that she's recently been turned into a Sentinel)
Why are you looking at me so funny? Don’t your cats have regional accents?

ANYWAY, head to or iTunes for Episode 27. It's epic. It's estrogen. It's fine film conversation with international appeal.

Just please, for the love and betterment of Cloud City, keep that pussy off the counter.


  1. YES! Attack the Block > Super 8. Not that I didn't love Super 8 (I absolutely did, a lot), but Attack the Block is still my favorite film of 2011 so far (and, in the absence of much forthcoming competition, looks set to top the end of year list).

  2. Eerie? I don't know, my current bar for eerie is untoppably high. I've just watched The Prisoner: Once Upon A Time. I'm now totally freaked the hell out!

  3. Have you seen and if so, do you recommend the film Blue Steel?
    And speaking of Fear City, have you ever seen the Abel Ferarra film Bad Lieutenant?

  4. At the moment Anna, Attack of the Block is my number one. Then again, the only theatrical releases it's thus far competing against are Bridesmaids & Insidious (both of which I did really like) and, um, Red Riding Hood and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. So it's an all-star on a scrappy team, but still: loved it!

    Chris, eerie might not be the right word for 3-Iron, but it feels and quiet and um...eerieish?

    Have not seen Blue Steel Anonymous. That's the Kathryn Bigelow film, right? I'll add it for the day it hits instant watch. I've seen Bad Lieutenant, which I appreciated but have no desire to really sit through again. I'd rather buy Abel Ferrara a puppy and ice cream cone and tell him the world isn't nearly as bad as he makes it seem.

  5. Ever seen Les Vampires?

    What's with all the cricket photos?

  7. Have not sees Les Vampires. Not sure that I know what that one is (other than it being French?).

    I don't know WHAT'S UP with little Joppleberry. She's an incredibly sweet cat, but every single picture I take of her comes out looking evil. I just did another one the other day and her eyes came out glowing yellow. I guess she's just possessed? I need a catsorcist stat!

    Crickets were just my way of showing that generally rooms get very quiet when I discuss speaking with my cats. I can't imagine why!

  8. Will be listening to GoF in the car tonight.

    Amber heard is hot (although drive angry is not)

    I'm surprised that "gitchy manitou" is still gestating inside joplin maybe he will break free just in time for xmas, and what a wonderful tree ornament he would make.

  9. Well I hope we GoFers don't make you Drive Angry (3D).

    I'm hoping it's just the fact that Joplin is really unphotogenic and not actually possessed. Little girl is a'frickin'dorable, but I tell ya, I can't take a picture of her that's not either completely blurred or, you know, evil.

    Now I'm thinking I should just MAKE a Manitou treetopper for the 2011 xmas season...

  10. Frustrating?! Because it's difficult to contain how amazing the film is?! ;) I'll download it, even though it seems to have taken FOREVER for a new 'sode to come out!

  11. You'll hear why I found it frustrating.

    Unless your email, which rocked my world harder than Rae Dawn Chong at a Latino strip bar!