Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friends Til the End

This might shock you, but I'm something of what you might call a Child's Play fan.

I know. This just shattered your world. It's like learning that Taco Bell's meat is low grade or that Ricky Martin is gay. I of course should have warned you before making such a statement, but there I go about killing another monocle. How horrid of me.

How hide-y hide-y ho-rrid of me.
But something that might only mildly rock your socks is that of the five (so far) Child's Play films, second in my heart to 1988's debut is the VASTLY underrated 2004 campfest, Seed of Chucky. I've spoken before about how wonderful a ride it is, so it makes perfect sense that I would follow that up by literally speaking about it. 

How to hear such golden jewels of audio pleasure? Hop onto iTunes and download--for free--or stream this way for this week's episode of the fine new podcast Movie Matchup, where you'll hear myself, host with the most Troy, and The Podcast Podcast's (it's a podcast) lovable honorary Muppet Fozziebare discuss in grand detail Don Mancini's Seed of Chucky and a little something you might have seen called Final Destination 5 (theme!). 

Get to it now, because Tony Todd looks bored and just might send Death on your ass because it seems like something to do.


  1. What is truly earth-shattering news is that I've never seen ANY of the Child's Play movies...shocking, I know! Especially shocking considering that I'm trying to find the whole (notoriously bad and obscure) Witchcraft series (some of which aren't even able to find on DVD), yet I haven't searched out any Chucky movies yet!

    And apparently my computer (the slow, crappy, soon to be replaced one) is jealous of your blog, because it constantly freezes my computer, saying 'unresponsive script' whenever I'm at your blog (and other places too, but mostly here). So, clearly my computer hates Deadly Dolls, haha!

  2. That revelation just caused my entire collection of monocles to explode. I don't know how to possibly react to such words!

    Sorry your computer is so exhausted by my blog! It clearly needs to work out and build up some endurance!