Saturday, November 20, 2010

You Ain't Nothing But a HorrorHound Dog, but that's a lot to be

Sorry if the action has been a tad slow here at the Doll’s House, but it apparently takes me about a full week to truly recover from the land of great supermarkets and people, aka Cincinnati HorrorHound Weekend 2010! 

Oh yeah. I was there with friends or as I like to call them, Kickass Internet SuperStars (aka the new KISS, sans pesky cake makeup)

I mean, look at that gang of sexy powerhouses! Among the talent inside that hotel lounge (which we totally trashed/left a few beer bottles in like the rock stars we are) are naughty Night of the Living Podcasters Amy, Freddy, & Andy; Movie Meltdown(ing) Marlena; my movie swap blogging cohort T.L. Bugg and his lovely wife; Family Movie Night's Doctor J; the gentlemanly Will & Sam U. Rai of The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Cinema; camp director extraordinaire/Internet Fairy Godfather Randy; new pals Ken & Justin; Paracinema-niacs Christine & Dylan; Canadian superhero Vishnu; and the man the myth the baby-eating legend, Mattsuzaka.

And speaking of this particular cool cat, remember to follow my top sidebar link to vote EVERY DAY for him and his kidney donating superlady to win a dream wedding. It's easy. It's breezy. It's karmatically rewarding and your duty as a human being.

I don't quite know where to start (or did I already do that?) in recapping such a fabulous trip, so let's let the pictures tell the story...

There was cheese shaped like monkeys and parrots...

Dean Cameron's eyebrows

Unidentifiable animals dressed like Elvis

A camera-ready Jason and a Glee foam hand

A mushy faced killer klown and a mushier faced me

Both of whom were seen shopping at the Classy Flea Market

(like all the cool kids)

and of course, the greatest band since The Beatles

Also, some of us got haunted

Even in the PAST!

Elsewhere in Ohio, I learned that waitresses are fabulous, separate checks are miraculously standard, Meg Foster is really tan, Linda Blair is still really tiny, tasers are ineffective but also annoying when they amass crowds in crowded rooms, and doorways are smeared with a magical concoction that wards off evil, just like in Demon Knight. As a downside, the doorways in Ohio are incredibly stinky. 

Billy Zane, on the other hand, remains superior.

Thanks goes to all the lovely people mentioned above, plus the lovely Ashlee of for being my roomie and surviving both my sleep ramblings and snores.

For those who care about the actual convention-ing, let me recommend HorrorHound's show. It was incredibly well-run, with a nice selection and placement of guests and film screenings. I was lucky enough to spend a little time at Cincy's own Night of the Living Podcast booth (complete with the secret Mystery Date door) where I got to record a few minutes of rambling with the lovely Amy. Download their extravaganzarific special episode for our chitchat on everything from The Brady Bunch to bucket lists and an additional 3 more hours(!!!) of interviews with other roaming HorrorHounders.

Next show is in March in Indianapolis, with a supreme guest list already posted (lots o' Killer Klowns, Boondock Saints who are nowhere near worthy of sharing a room with Killer Klowns, and some weird looking Italian dude who looks like the incestuous son in Burial Ground). 

You know the one.

In closing, thank you to all the HorrorHounders for making this weekend one of the biggest blasts (in a good way) I've ever had. Those who weren't there were missed. Those who weren't there are ordered to be so next fall. Until then, hearts, hugs, kisses, and slaps in the face if you don't go here to vote for Matt & Liz.


  1. I haven't decided yet! I want to a whole bunch. Are you considering it???

  2. I'm thinking I will be there. I have gone to three straight in Indy now and would like to go again to the up and coming one as well. It all depends on how things are with my money of course, but for now I have plans to go.

  3. Exciting! I'll keep you posted on my plans.

  4. A Wonderful summation of a wonderful weekend, one I won't soon or possibly ever forget. It was so lovely to meet you Emily, and we even had a chance to cook up another HHW surprise for our readers that will be coming soon!

    If you do make it out to Indy, the wife and I will see you there. We're already booked in The La Quinta Inn, and we can't wait to make our first trip to Indiana. Plus I just couldn't resist the allure of Dario and Lisa Marie in the same room.

    If I don't see you then Em, I'm sure our paths with cross again. Until then, here's to barely getting drinks in a mexican place before having pizza. Salut!

  5. That's right! Send me those pictures, by the way!

    Indy sounds incredibly tempting, so excitement is building. The thought of filling up my Killer Klowns poster with a few more celebrity signatures is just one more niblet to make me wanna go. There's a good chance I"ll be there, but many factors will still determine it!

    And a lesson we learned about Ohio: one will only be served when sitting down.

  6. Indy is a blast to be at. They really should consider a new location, or booking more rooms at the very least though. They did book more rooms last year, but still ran into problems. They actually had to keep people out of the guest/dealer room because the fire marshal demanded it. Hopefully the over crowding issue will be better at the next one.

  7. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 22, 2010 at 12:44 PM

    Emily, now that i`ve seen you i am certain that i would love to spend the next 10 years performing every sex act in the known universe with you, you are an astonishing lustpot..WOW..WOW..WOW..BABY !!!.

  8. I had to go and be the old lady/party-or-flunk behinder this weekend. I'll admit, kind of a drag, but soooooooooo glad I went.

    You're a doll... er, gem? :)

  9. I love this blog. But it also makes me sad. I want it to happen all the time!!

  10. Ashlee, we still love you. You owe me pictures! And from them, I could totally photoshop you right into the picture! (maybe...stoopid technology).

    Christine: I know, I miss it already.

    Hamster: I must say, the last time a man called me a lustpot, the event involved scalding hot tea and a burn ward.

  11. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 23, 2010 at 3:48 AM

    Emily, i meant the term "lustpot" in a completely sexual way obviously. Have you got any idea of how much i desperately want to bum you off.

  12. Burn me off? That sounds like something you do to a wart.

  13. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 23, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    No Emily you read it wrong its not the letters "rn" at the end of the word its the letter "m" and the word is "bum" not "burn", i want to "BUM YOU OFF" it means i want to bugger you senseless, i just thought i`d clarify that.

  14. Ha! at the humor that comes from up above!!

    The time was more splendid than I could have ever imagined, and meeting a ton of people I have known for sometime now, in the flesh, exceeded my expectations. The withdrawals after leaving on Sunday were pretty really went by way too fast, and I can only hope that we can all get together in some capacity sooner rather than later. It was truly a pleasure, Emily!

  15. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 24, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    Maybe i could be there next time, i`d like to spend a lot of time with Emily, just me and her and no-one else if you know what i mean.

  16. Matt, I'm so very glad we got to meet. It seriously was one of the happiest lil weekends ever and I'm so thankful (TIMELY!) I got to share it with you.

    Hamster: Thanks for the clarification. I really should get my eyes checked again.

  17. Hey, bummer I couldn't get out there but I was busy shooting a movie. Maybe one of these next two I can get out there and say hey to everybody. Looks like you all had fun.

  18. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 25, 2010 at 11:53 PM

    Dont girl-tion Emily you gorgeous sexpot.

  19. It was a shame Kangas, but hey: new movie! Hopefully that's a good thing!

    And hey, the Hamster just called you a gorgeous sexpot. So way to be!

  20. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 26, 2010 at 6:17 AM

    Emily i called YOU a gorgeous sexpot, i`m NOT a pansy queer bastard.

  21. Sorry, I read as I see. With no comma in that sentence, you were clearly aiming your comment at Kangas who in fairness, is a gorgeous sexpot.

  22. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 27, 2010 at 4:17 AM

    Once again Emily i must re-state that i am NOT repeat NOT a bloody dirty, filthy, disgusting, pansy, woofter, poofter, fairy, faggot, queer bastard. I am one of the most rampantly, rampagingly heterosexual individuals who has ever lived and i desperately want to bugger you senseless.

  23. Yup, so rampagingly heterosexual that you use offensive homophobic terms to say so.

  24. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 27, 2010 at 5:42 PM

    Emily you must understand that my murderous homo-phobia is a very important part of my life as is my rampaging heterosexuality.

  25. I am indeed a sexpot. Gorgeous is VERY debatable...