Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day After

I know, I know. For horror fans across the land, no day hurts quite so much as November 1st. Gone is the zombie cinema playing on loop and short-lived coolness of being the person at work folks come to for recommendations. Back are the odd stares you get for your refusal to remove that dangling glitter skeleton or energizing yourself with candy corn instead of coffee.

It's not easy being us (or for that matter, above pictured Pumpkin Pete, who tragically passed away two days before his holiday and more tragically, smelled about as pleasant as that kid whose brains get pumpkin mushed in Halloween III).


But hey, there's always movies to watch! And write about! And read about! So many in fact that the film fanatic Rupert Pupkin is gathering lists from bloggers on the most obscure or underrated horror films of all time. Check out my top ten right here, then get thee to Netflix to back up how much you agree with me!

Also, elsewhere in the generous reach-out of bloggery is my old pal T.L. Bugg, who's been tacking the not so easy task of picking the best remakes of all time. He's found some surprising picks, all justified with panache. Head there and track it back, then don't forget to see my guest post of 13--yup, I found 13!--good, great, or um...somehow merit holding remakes.

Next, as your teeth are busy chewing through a whole lot of bite-size chocolate goodness, give your ears a workout with a little Girls On Film Radio, where three lovely ladies and myself got all classy with a discussion of 99.9 and, in a true act of elegance, Lucker the Necrophagous.

Fiiiiine, necrophilia with airhead hookers isn't quite the definition of Emily Post. So let's clean this joint up with something way more refined: Barbara Hershey getting ghost raped!

Head to the Gentlemen's Blog to Midnite Cinema for my thoughts on 1982's The Entity. Then take a shower.

Finally, we'll now take a moment to look forward to what might come next...

Just go with it kids. Just go with it.


  1. That pumpkin sums it up! It's like Christmas is over.

  2. I carved my damn pumpkins late on the 28th, and by the 30th both were green and fuzzy and oozing all over. This has me a little worried about the possibly malevolent microbial state of my apartment, but I'm hoping the culprit was the fact that I had one of those pumpkins that are more like a spaghetti squash on the inside: no matter how much you scrape it, more stringy pulp appears, so they were eternally mushy on the inside.

    Yes, yes, this is probably the saddest day of the year for me. I'm not looking forward to taking down all my Halloween decorations after work, today. While there are still horror movies to watch, I always miss all the fun NYC haunted houses and things like Procession of the Ghouls at St. John cathedral, pumpkin picking, and just a more mainstream dedication to all things ghoulish.

    Was your photo with Romero below taken at the Saturday Nightmares thing in Jersey City this past spring?

    I assume that's a Thankskilling still, too? I haven't seen it, but I look forward to your review.

  3. I know Sarah!Except Christmas is already nosing its greedy little nose into the season. This I do not like.

    David: The pic was actually from Rock'n Shock in Boston two weekends ago. Told Mr. Romero that he should keep making movies, to which he replied "A lot of people seem to think I shouldn't." Then I felt guilty for hating Survival of the Dead.

    I had carved my pumpkin the Sunday before Halloween, a tad premature perhaps but there was a party and everything! Also, my big guy did have a slight dent in his head to begin with so the odds were stacked against him, plus I probably thinned out his insides a little too much since I was so concerned about getting as much moisture out of his innards as I could. And yes, then he sat inside my um...spotless apartment. It was an uphill battle every day. I'm sure your pumpkin death had less to do with your questionable housekeeping than it did with the weakassnes of pumpkinary these days.

    And I'm hoping to continue my tradition of last year, wherein I never actually take down my decorations but instead convert them according to the season. Already working on making my skeleton a pilgrim (he was an indian last year) and my pumpkin back into a turkey.

    I reviewed ThanksKilling last year and kind of fell in love with it. I don't think they made a sequel (yet), but I feel that the film definitely deserves a rewatch soon!