Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Return of the Tuesday Tossup

As I continue to dodge the rotten fruit being thrown my way for liking A Nightmare On Elm Street , allow me to throw out a few random tidbits of the week that may bring back some of the love you once had in your heart for the easy-to-please elf that is me:

-$6 movie night? You should already be there! This amazing(ly priced) event happens this Wednesday night on the Lower East Side of ol' NYC, so those who have a pocket of singles, and a taste for neat shorts oozing in blood and margaritas, head to The Horrorphiles #5: Santa Sangre, an exciting evening of film brought to you by Latin Horror and a little gang of goodness called Paracinema Magazine (with a brand new issue now available for pre-order, so get PayPalling!). I'll be there with a shot of tequila in my hand and reading glasses firmly in place for subtitles. Get more info here and be sure to say hola!

-Three new reviews! And you don't even need a Metrocard to read them!

Just click over to roguecinema.com for my take on the hopefully soon-to-eventually-be-released indie horror/thrillers, Bounty  by Kevin "Fear of Clowns 2 " Kangas, the long-awaited Long Pigs , and an nasty lil serial killer tale called Frank Edge Jr. 

-Finally, a new gleeKast! For those not acquainted with glee and finding the idea that a horror blogger who spends an hour plus of her week talking about a high school musical offensive and wrong, be assured that this week's episode manages to reference vagina dentata, hentai porn, and Nazi hunting. Download at iTunes or podomatic and send us your feedback so that we feel mildly special.


  1. Ugh I feel your fruit trauma. These people are mean!!

  2. I know! It's a good thing none of them have learned about my immeasurable hatred for onions, or I'd be paralyzed with disgust right now. Uh-oh. Here comes one now!

  3. Hey, I recognize that movie! Man, that's 3 of the 4 down...there's really only one Kangas movie left to torment you.

    Hold it off for a rainy day.

    Thanks for taking the time to do a review, and I'm relieved you didn't hate it!

  4. Rainy, or plague-of-locusts stay-indoors Saturday? I figure that's coming up soon anyway, so it's always good to have something on hold.

  5. Rainy. But you'll laugh alot. Besides the lead guy, the acting's pretty amateur(friends and family mostly).

    Hey, the Rogue Cinema review is linked from imdb now.