Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hear Me!

Or I'll make it so you never hear again!

Wow. That was harsh. Excuse me while I lighten the mood.

That's better.

Loyal fans and/or musical theater nerds should know that last week marked a triumphant convergent of master geekery at its finest when Neil Patrick Harris guest starred on a Joss Whedon directed episode of GLEE. Many viewers experienced nirvana. Seriously, it was like Martyrs but without the headwraps. And torture. To hear my and co-hostess cupcake Erica's take, I give thee Episode 6 of the one and only gleeKast (with a K; there's one with a C and I don't lie). 

And speaking of Martyrs...

How about a little vegemite with that beating? You can find some here at Girls On Film Podcast , where I guested on the illustrious Rachel of 's new estrogen-fueled chat about Predator, kangaroos, and everybody's favorite French genre bender. Spoilers are many, the audio quality scratchy, Australia offended, and four ladies--including Christine of Paracinema Magazine and the thus far blogless, yet movie-smartful Deborah--have a grand ol' time. You should listen.

Otherwise, this happens:

And that makes no one happy.


  1. Jeez, I really didn't need to be reminded of that "Martyrs" scene... it's one of my favourite modern horror flicks, but fuck me was that scene disturbing.

  2. We talk about this in the episode, but I that scene was somehow so much more intense the second time around. I had seen Martyrs about a year ago (my review is somewhere on this site!) and was more intellectually effected than emotionally, but watching it again, that scene reallllly hurt. I think I should make a habit of making it an annual viewing.

  3. You know what the funny part is? I thought NPH was a really good singer until he did that duet with Will--Will's SO much better that I felt bad for NPH...

  4. In fairness, NPH is a fine singer and has done good musical work before--check out the Broadway cast recording of Assassins, my personal favorite musical of all time (Sondheim + presidential assassins! As good as it sounds and better)--but I do agree (and Erica and I discussed it on air) that Will did indeed earn the part of Jean Val Jean over Bryan Ryan. Matthew Morrison has far more specific training and experience, whereas NPH is more a charismatic dude who loves musical theater and probably took a few classes later in life.