Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Infinite (Kinda) Giveaway

It's the season of giving, my little elves and elvettes, and thusly do I present a new giveaway here at the Doll's House! In honor of the special and weird and brilliant web series Infinite Santa, someone's getting stuff!

Who is this Santa and what's so infinite about him, you ask? Well allow the power of the Internet to tell you:

Infinite Santa 8000 is an animated web series brought to you by the power team behind Drive In Horrorshow, told in 3ish minute or so installments on www.infinitesanta.com. Aside from being awesome, it combines four of my favorite things:

1. Post-apocalyptic survival
2. Santa Claus

3. Cartoons
4. Not costing anything

EVERYBODY wins! Except the unlucky saps stuck foraging in the future. But their pain is our entertainment so Merry Christmas!

For the full ongoing series, head on over to the official website where you can watch Santa's adventures AND finally find a way around glamour shots or Hallmark shopping. The Infinite Santa Store offers a mall-full of fun stuff available for purchase, including most seasonally, kickass holiday greeting cards.

Cocreator Michael Neel has generously donated some sexy swag to lucky reader, but I'm playing Black Peter (not really, cause you know, blackface) by making you folks work for it. 

So here lies the rules!

As evidenced by my monthlong quest to focus on Christmas cinema, I'm a fan of the genre, even when it's abysmal. What I want to know: what is your favorite December holiday film and why? It doesn't have to be horror-related, and I'll try my damnest to vote on the quality of your sales pitch rather than my own movie preferences. So no, JUST because you pick Silent Night Deadly Night 2 does not guarantee you the victory.

Just send me an email at deadlydollshouse at gmail dot com with a sentence or two explaining your pick and why it's so dang special. It can be film or TV-based, Christmas or Festivas or Chanukkah or Kwanzaka or whatever it is that happens around time of year and inspired somebody with a camera to make something good. Or terribly good.

Taking a note from the cruel landlord of The Christmas That Almost Wasn't or the overly sensitive St. Nick of Rankin & Bass' Twas the Night Before Christmas, the deadline is midnight on Christmas Eve.

The prize: Some Infinite Santa goodies, plus a DVD of my choosing and whatever other random physical objects I feel worthy of stuffing in a box. And yes, that could potentially mean that if Mookie is acting particularly scratchy that day or if Joplin's possession continues to be an inconvenience, you're getting a cat.

Barring any personal or government secrets, I'll post and respond to EVERYBODY's answers once the eggnog wears off and crown a winner as I eat Christmas leftovers. Happy writeupping!

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