Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday! (celebrate)

As you break out the sexy holograms and singing Bea Arthurs for the big Life Day celebration, allow me to do the following:

1. Wish you a Merry Christmas

2. Wish you a happy everything else that doesn't start with a capital C

3. Remind you that to win SUPER SWAG (including DVDs, CDs, signed posters, and magic beans) tell me your favorite Christmas movie and tell me fast! The clock is ticking!

4. Leave you with something that reminds you this is actually a horror blog:

We've got one more week of Christmas sugar, and then it's a chilly sleigh ride into January complete with the annual best-of and lessons learned lists, all to celebrate the big fat third birthday of this little Doll's House. Thanks for hanging in for this 90210-heavy December. Happy holidays to all!


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  2. Merry X-mas to you and yours Emily!

  3. Merry Christmas! My favourite Christmas movie is Elf purely for Will Ferrell's enthusiasm as being the title character.

  4. I hear ya Amiee. My parents' dog is the canine equivalent of Buddy, just pure unadulterated joy at EVERYTHING!

    And same to you and more Joe! Hope the day treated you joyfully.

  5. Hope you had a nice Christmas, and I cannot believe you are almost at your three year birthday! You are growing up so fast, young lady!

  6. Thanks Matt! You're almost out of the not-so-terrible twos yourself, aintcha? And besides, blogger years are like canine time. We're SO CLOSE to liquoring up the Interwaves!