Sunday, September 26, 2010

To Whom It Concerns:

Roll up your knee socks and start those vocal warmups! It’s a new season of the GleeKast!

For those who don’t know/forgot/blocked it out of their heads, GleeKast is a weekly(ish) podcast brought to you by myself and good pal Erica about the Fox musical comedy, Glee. I know, I know. I can feel some of the goosebumps some of you just received just THINKING about your usual blood, guts, and doll part covered bloggess talking about something so popular as Glee, but you know what...I like the show. Erica likes the show.  We like talking about the show. So there.
If it makes you feel any better, I somehow manage to reference The Human Centipede.

So now that I’ve pimped musical theater and cheerleader catfights, it seems appropriate to settle that stomach with a hearty dose of testosterone. But where can I find such manly grease on a place as cold and static as the Internet, you ask? Why, just follow the trail to The Gentlemen’s Blog to Midnite Cinema!

A good deal of you readers probably already know Big Willy and The Samurai, two of the classiest, film savvyiest sweethearts in the podosphere. If you’re not already a listener to The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema podcast, let me change your life for the better by telling you to become one. Week after week, the Canuck and Kentuck spread joy on all things genre cinema and now, Aaron of The Death Rattle has put together a fine blog to accessorize their half shirts and leather pants. Among the current contributors are Mattsuzaka of Chuck Norris Ate My Baby fame, Rupert Pupkin from Rupert Pupkin Speaks, Pickleloaf of Assorted Loaf, movie recommender extraordinaire T.L. Bugg of The Lightning Bugg’s Lair, and yours truly. Stay tuned to the site for exciting new posts, film reviews, podcast updates, and more tough tittage than George Eastman could possibly muster in all his musky musteriness.


  1. Whenever George Eastman isn't eating his own intestines, arm-wrestling, or macking with the ladies, he's reading up on the blog, OR listening to Gleekast! (And like I told Erica, it's the one podcast I listen to, and fully enjoy, about a subject I really can't say I totally wish to explore on my own. Must be those two classy, entertaining, ladies hosting the show... ;) )

  2. You and The Gentlemen are a perfect match. Huzzah.

  3. Aw Mikey, isn't it nice to picture The Eastman stretched out on a velvet lounge, munching away on mozzarella sticks and making a vino drinking game out of the GleeKast?

    And thanks Bryce!