Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vengeance, Gambling, and Victoria's Real Secret (psst: it's that she hates boobs)

aka, New GirlsOnFilm Radio Podcast episode HERE! 

Run your earlobes now for...

 giggly talk about the elegant violence of Lady Snowblood...

The overlong but still classy Scorcessian Casino...

and as always, the true horror that is bra shopping

Gentlemen, you really don't know the pain we endure in the name of support. 
So support us with your ears, won't you?


  1. I love Lady Snowblood. I love Marty. I'll be listening.

  2. Thanks Dusty! Hope you also like bras.

  3. 'It's the bro' is one of my favorite things of all time, not too far behind is Lady Snoowblood. Thou looketh forward to ye talketh of it. Or something.