Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tossup: The Earlobes Edition

Your ears looked hungry. The Italian in me just can't stand to let that be. And thusly do I bring some audio news from the podosphere:
  • First, a tease of sorts to let you know that the gleeKast will temporarily be suspending our summer hiatus to record our first triloglee on, naturally, the Step Up films. I'm sure they're terrible and may not interest you in the least, but our duty calls. If you have any feedback you'd like discussed, email gleekast@gmail.com by August 22nd or so.

  • In current news, Episode 6 of the GirlsOnFilm Radio Podcast is live and wild. Listen to 5 women talk about the oddball classic Hausu and the lovably meta Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. As usual, you get some bonus chit chat on all Spartacus, penises, cats, and the Saw series. It's like Sex & the City, except we don't all deserve to die by methods more painful than all the Saw traps combined.

  • Outside the Cinema did a fine bonus episode all about the feel-good comedy of the year, A Serbian Film. Grab the kids and pop it in for a--

Wait, I really can't say that. It's like how I've been trying in vain to convince others to watch Tiptoes , putting on my best acting to sell it as a quirky but lovable dramady that needs to be seen. I actually get the person to write down the name and then I just break.

I know. I'm weak.  
A Serbian Film, on the other hand, is actually quite good. But it's not lovable. Or fit for children. Or grandmothers. Or, for most, girlfriends. It's just about the most brutal 90 minutes you'll ever see and one not easy to advise others to watch, but it’s extremely well-done for a film of its type and does succeed, however disgustingly, at taking a stab at sending a message. 

And in less controversial news, there should be a new issue of Rogue Cinema posted later today complete with reviews of lots of exciting indie films, plus my interview with director Barbara Stepansky, she of 2009's Hurt (now streaming in Netflix) and the upcoming Fugue, a haunting little thriller which I enthusiastically reviewed last month. 

Oh oh! In slightly controversial news, Pop Syndicate is getting a bit of a makeover. Rather than act like one of those whining shrews on America's Next Top Model who sob at the mere mention of a color change, I say we all ride the linking train to check out its new look, busy up the suddenly skinny forums, and keep one of the Internet's best pop culture sites alive and thriving. Forum-wise, I tend to loiter in the podcast wing, regularly posting on the pages for The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema, Outside the Cinema, Chinstroker vs. Punter, Girls On Film Radio Podcast, Night of the Living Podcast (where they actually discuss this weird thing called books) and of course, the GleeKast. Build those frequent blogging miles and get posting.


  1. Of all the things that you mentioned, it is still TIPTOES that blows me away. That poster looks like a MAD TV parody! I still have to watch this one.

    I watched a "red banner" ad for A SERBIAN FILM. I don't know, it looks a little to art-y for my tastes. On the other hand, if the sex scenes are really graphic, I will probably rent it at some point (I just may fast forward a lot between those scenes)..


  2. Tiptoes is in many ways far more controversial than A Serbian Film. I mean, A Serbian Film never dares to tackle the everyday hardships of being little. Eff every movie ever made that isn't Tiptoes!

    Wow, now I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on A Serbian Film since there is indeed plenty of graphic sex, but...well...I'll await your thoughts.

    Although it'd be even better if you somehow performed a mashup of Serbian Tiptoes.

  3. Not to sound completely piggish. but all you needed to get me to see Tiptoes is show the cover art with Kate Beckinsale on the cover. So consider me a success story, if you will. Now I can suggest it to my wife and look like the "good guy". Thanks Emily! ;)

  4. I can't wait to hear your thoughts post-Tiptoes. I will say that for the gentlemen, Beckinsdale does wear pajamas an awful lot in the movie. The ladies, on the other hand, get an often topless Peter Dinkelage and a typically glazed McConaughy.

  5. I'll make it my mission to catch up on the GoF podcasts.

    Maybe while baking cupcakes...