Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Tossup

Two new reviews!...elsewhere

1. Barbara Stepansky's Fugue, an eerie thriller with a vaguely Rosemary's Babyish atmosphere peppered by some realistically executed psychology. Creepy and far smarter than your average pretty-pregnant-woman-in-peril horror.

Head here for my Rogue Cinema review

2. Self-proclaimed Insane Mike Saunders and Jason Bolinger's Legend Has It, a meta slasher about typical dead teenager stereotypes who discover that they're actually stuck inside a horror movie. Quite clever and enthusiastically executed, with a bonus cameo by genre goddess Linnea Quigley.

This way for more.

Also, glee (or just gleeKast) fans can follow me yonder or just head to iTunes for the tentative season finale, wherein Erica, myself, and special guest star Mel(byForce, First Lady of Outside the Cinema and esteemed blogger of Quest For the Classics) discuss Journey. We'll be taking a bit of a summer hiatus, although if we all bug her enough, I'm convinced we can get Erica to agree to a bonus episode that covers the Step Up series and, more pressingly, Hockey Mom, starring Jessalyn "Terry Shuester" Gilsig and Jason Priestly.

Tagline? The Puck Stops Here
It can't not be great, right?


  1. Great write-up on Legend Has It. Sounds right up my alley.

    And why did I equate tossup with eating 'salads.' I'm a sick bastard.

  2. P.S. I hearted your review so much that I bought a copy of the film through Rogue Cinema. Review forthcoming. But no salad tossing.

  3. Interesting association. Whenever I hear hear 'toss' and 'salad,' I get reminded of Oscar's favorite restaurant in Follow That Bird. But that's another story I suppose.

    Hope you enjoy the film! It's goofy, but has such a great spirit about it that I think horror fans will embrace.