Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Field Trip!

Most of you are probably well versed in the ways of Stacie Ponder, founder of Final Girl (aka the Citizen Kane of horror bloggery). Aside from being a kickass writer and stick figure cartoonist, she's also done mountains for the blogging community itself, the latest being the Bloggenaire series of 'interviews' (or random questions that make a decent amount of sense) with other Internet film geeks.

And today, yup yup, you can learn my thoughts on Adrienne Barbeau, snuggies, French people, lye, and what my funeral will hopefully be like (obviously, expect karaoke). Head here for a read, and stay for the cupcakes of not-actual-cupcake goodness located elsewhere on Final Girl, like The Scare-ening Radio Show with Stacie and Pretty/Scary 's Heidi Martinuzzi (Wednesdays 11PM Eastern time, complete with a chat room that makes you feel totally Strangeland!). Also, the official Film Club's next due date rolls around Monday with Spider Baby, and I urge anyone with a blog to join because a) it's always a good time to see your fellow fans' take on the same film and b) I'll bet you 12 Cadbury Creme Eggs that Spider Baby is better than anything else you're planning on watching this year and c) if you haven't seen Jack Hill's black comedyish schlocker, you're simply a bad person responsible for why there's so much suffering in the world.

Get on it.


  1. Good stuff, Emily. Thanks for the reminder about Spider Baby, because I LOVE Spider Baby and had planned to write for this before my short attention span kicked i....hey a bunny!

  2. I totally understand, TheMike. Too much TV and sugar make Emily something something as well.

    And Spider Baby needs to be shared with the world, THE WORLD!

  3. HEEEE! i was just about to watch Spider Baby, i got it just the other day having no knowledge of impending film clubbery. i am a happy geek.

  4. Huzzah! Have a blast with it and come back Monday. I love that film ever so much.