Monday, April 19, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

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The gleeKast !

No, it has nothing to do with horror movies (although I did somehow work in an Oz reference, so there's hope). Yes, it has everything to do with glee. Which makes me gleeful. 

Anyway, my dear friend Erica and I have started a podcast (or podKast, if you will) where we hope to spend an hour a week rambling on about the greatest thing to ever combine high school politics, obsessive compulsive disorder, wheelchairs, pregnant cheerleaders, and jazz hands. The audio is a little patchy and the content a tad overenthusiastic (i.e., I was tragically born without an indoor voice) and yes, there are a whole lot of podcasts out there already that you should be listening to, but glee/me/musical-ee fans should still head to to hear our maiden voyage into the podosphere. 

Because, ya know...we crave some approval.

And will do whatever it takes to get it.


  1. may tell no one, but the wife and I have been watching Glee from the start. (started because I love Nip/Tuck, and same creator)

    But have you noticed, the episode or 2 that didn't have Sue are SO much worse...every time she comes on screen it's great.

  2. Aaaahhhh! Will do, Emily! I am officially your number one fan up in this piece.

  3. Whew (wipes sweat from brow). Glad to know my love of high school show choirs hasn't completely killed my cred as someone who likes to watch zombies eat and sinful dwarfs sodomize British blonds with walking sticks. Obviously, I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on Sue. She's the much needed rain cloud to pour with glory over those overidealistic kids, and I can't imagine glee without her.

    And Ashlee, your support is, as always, welcomed with virtual squeeeees!

  4. Great podcast! I love me some Glee! I've been thinking a lot about what artists I'd like to see featured for a whole episode. The most obvious is The Beatles, but I think that's a bit cliche though. My initial thought was 'no' to a Michael Jackson episode, because I think that would be kind of cheesy, like cashing in on the drama of this death. BUT, one thought made me reconsider: imagine our sweet Kurt singing "I'll Be There" to that big dumb lug Finn!

  5. More proof Jesse St. James is gay: "Tell me when you're ready, Rachel, and I'll make sure to be fastidiously groomed." 'Nuff said.

  6. Thanks Wendy! Funny, The Beatles was totally my 'easy' answer also, mostly because the catalog is so vast and the songs themselves offer so much great character content. Ah well. Must. Think. Outside. The. Music. Box.

    (it's reallllllly hard for me)

    I'd also agree on the ol MJ. Kurt could totaly rock it. Maybe a special Halloween episode with Thriller?

    And yes, that line definitely leans Jesse St. James over on the Kinsey scale, plus the fact that he was put in an amorous mood following a Wiggles concert.

    Thanks for the feedback!