Saturday, January 16, 2010

Secrets of My Past, Revealed!

It's a weekend of extravaganzaness!

First (or chronologically second), I and dear friend Erica will be appearing on Outside the Cinema's weekly live show. Tune in here from 6PM to 8PM (don't worry; you'll have plenty of time to catch bad Avatar jokes, awkward teleprompter reading, and hopefully drunken Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes), where you can chit chat like it's 1995 or just listen to a few Massachusetts fools get served by native New Yorkers. Sure to be a fun time, and will available for free download via iTunes later in the week.

Next, what happens when you take a little of this...

add a sprinkle of that...

and then mix in some o'this:

If you're lucky, you get Mermaid Heather  and her film blog, currently reveling in its 5th birthday. That's right, a blog that fully spans two whole decades, still going strong with a truly intriguing assortment of reviews of everything from black-and-white classics to Masters of Horror episodes. Heather has a warm and honest voice in her writing that comes through with every post as she explains exactly why each film worked or didn't work for her personal tastes.

Furthermore, for her big birthday bash, Heather has asked a few fellow bloggers to contribute some of their own ramblings for her site. Today, I  crashed the party to detail the sordid history of my doll-phobia, beginning with a the worst Easter of all time and ending with...well, you'd have to read to find out, but let's just say a subheading could have been "How I Learned to Stop Crying and Love the Chucky."

Now I've hinted at my past tragedy with a certain Good Guy and his friends, but to get the real story about my childhood of horrors, head here . Don't forget to stay for the dip, aka, a finely aged five year collection of posts well worth checking out.


  1. As is always the case, I have to work Sunday, which wicked sucks 'cause I would LOVE to hear you guys live! I guess I will have to settle for the replay on iTunes.

  2. We missed you, but a good time was had by (hopefully) all. Enjoy the audio wackiness soon!