Monday, May 18, 2009

Unspoiled Martyrs

...will not be discussed yet. Mostly because I spent yesterday trying to do laundry, realizing I bought fabric softener instead of detergent, buying detergent, spilling detergent all over the hallway of my new apartment building, cleaning up new hallway to not alienate new neighbors before I've actually moved in, attempting and failing to reverse the door on my refrigerator, feeling embarrassed that I work in an appliance company and once wrote directions for reversing the door on refrigerators, then shopping for a mattress at Sleepy's which involved laying for 5 minutes on about six different mattresses all alone in the store with the salesman and realizing just how creepy it is to shop for a mattress.

I did see Martyrs. Quick thoughts: it's good. Overhyped for me personally, just because I've been jumping through hoops with more dexterity than Neo just to NOT hear a single word about it and, well, it just wasn't amazing.

Don't get me wrong: If you haven't seen it yet, bump it up on the queue (and see if Netflix actually sends it to you or deems you waitlist-worthy instead) and watch it with the lights off and no interruptions. Whatever you're expecting, you won't get it because the film's main genius lies in how it constantly reinvents itself in plot and tone.

If I'm productive on the subway today, I should be posting a review this evening. If not, you have permission to feed me gruel (note: for extra torture, make it cream-of-onion).


  1. Hey, this just arrived from Netflix yesterday! I'll have to watch it tonight.

  2. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it, Irene. The documentary on the DVD is also worth a watch.