Monday, June 22, 2020

Yub Nub With Me This Thursday Night!!!


Got plans on Thursday night? OF COURSE YOU DON'T.

Well, except for now:

That's right! This Thursday the 25th, I'll be participating in a virtual Kevin Geeks Out show, where several people far smarter than me will be diving deep into the wondrous world of made-for-TV film.

Now while on any given day, I could roll onward for hours about Lifetime thrillers or cozy cardigan Hallmark movies, this event is a little more special, so much so that I'm digging deep into a movie that defined my childhood:

Best of all, all proceeds raised during the show will go to Black Lives Matter and the Equal Justice Initiative, so you can help do some good while saying, "wow, Emily REALLY loves that second Ewok movie."

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Hope to see you all there. Until then, may the yup nub be with you, now and always. 

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