Monday, March 6, 2017

A Short(ening) Round(up)

Another February has passed, meaning the usual hijinks have high and jinked.

I got another year older.

A groundhog got another day of work.

The Oscars taught us important lessons about font choices. 

And of course, most importantly, the Doll’s House experienced yet another Shortening. 

The Shortening, for those unaware, is our way of making a short month even shorter by celebrating all things vertically challenged. This year, that meant (as it often does), dolls, children,  more children, and cats. Past years have been a little more creative, what with leprechauns, rats, fetuses, trolls, and even something called goobers (somehow even grosser than it sounds). 

Thankfully, a few good pals stepped in with some more eclectic choices. Allow me to direct you to Senseless Cinema, where the one and only Doctor Pseudonymous takes us back to the golden age of 1985, when low budget horror hit its stride with the infamous Attack of the Beast Creatures

Also on hand as always is my good pal and fellow Jessica Fletcher devotee Chris Hewson, who has a whole slate of Shortening-based reviews rolling over at Not This Time, Nayland Smith. Expect to see some Herbies, bad seeds, fairies, dragons, and good old fashioned cats form outer space...s.

Next week, we’ll get back to good old fashioned horror, where evil lurks just outside the petite department. In the meantime, travel through the blogosphere for some alternate short takes and enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much for highlighting my discussion of Attack of the Beast Creatures, and also for adding me to your blogroll. Have a great week!