Sunday, February 1, 2015

The 5th Annual Shortening Begins!




& much, much more, all under a 5'2 height.

For those new to these parts, February at the Doll's House is a period of celebrating all that is vertically challenged. From deadly kids to deadlier kittens, this shortened month is all about shortness. The usual suspects will include a wayward doll and insect swarm, plus a few more goodies to surprise you.

More importantly, if you--yes, YOU--have a blog and appreciation of the small, feel free to join in. Here's how:

1- Write about a movie/show/book/snowglobe or whatever that features an undersized villain

2- Include a link to this here Doll's House explaining you're participating

3- Email me your link (send to deadlydollshouse at gmail dot com) and I'll share it with glee

That's that! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some pants to hem.


  1. Ooh, a picture from Rats, Nights of Terror! Could this mean that you've seen its awesome ridiculosity?

    I'm definitely in. I'd forgotten about The Shortening until now, so I have no films lined up, though I'm sure that a look through my DVD's ,as well as looking for Public Domain movies on Youtube, will yield results. In fact, come to think of it, this is a PERFECT time for me to watch Cathy's Curse!

    1. Good eye, sir! Mr. Mattei will indeed be making his Doll's House debut soon!

      And yes, I have a feeling that barring any 2015 boom in killer doll movies, next year will involve a lot of public domain (that Roku purchase couldn't have been made soon enough). Can't wait to read your take on Cathy's Curse!