Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Hear There's a She-Devil Within Her...

Canny Doll's House readers might remember a wonderful moment in history wherein I wrote about 1975's The Devil Within Her, a laughably amazing little movie that stars Joan Collins as a fully clothed former stripper who gives birth to a giant baby that might be possessed by the devil and/or the spirit of a dancing dwarf named Hercules who used to be her partner at a nudie revue.

Life rarely gets any better
In case you needed any more discussion of a movie about Joan Collins playing a former stripper-turned-mother-of-a-giant-maybe-possessed by dwarf-baby-delivered-by-gynecologist-Donald-Pleasance then allow me to point you toward our latest episode of The Feminine Critique, She-Devil Within Her.

On this very special installment, my cohostess Christine and I tackle the aforementioned dwarf/giant baby/possession movie, as well as 1990's black comedy She-Devil

That's the one that has A. Martinez doing things like this:

Go get it!


  1. The movie is about WHAT?! *head explodes with amazement* I'll have to listen to this podcast right away!