Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Modest Proposal

We interrupt your somewhat steady dose of movie coverage to bring you breaking news:

I got a shiny ring.

Yup, it's time for me to start volumizing my hair to the height of Elsa Manchester, juice fasting to get the waist of Elvira, and campaigning to bring back Bridezillas for one last stomping.

Atop a beautifully scenic mountain in the western end of Massachusetts, my fella asked me to marry him. I said yes. We then celebrated with a classy dinner.

Don't worry: I don't plan on changing much around these here blogging parts, other than maybe, I don't know, switching the theme to something floral and only covering Lifetime movies from here on in. That's cool, right?

How I kid. I'll be back shortly with some non-nuptial-based writing. In the meantime, you can hear a pre-engaged me discuss The Faculty and Jennifer's Body on the latest Feminine Critique episode, read my defense of The Exorcist III over at Cinespect's 31 Days of Horror, or enjoy this picture of me telling Scott Wilson that The Ninth Configuration is the bee's knees.

With that said, let's get nuptialy!


  1. OH MY GOD, congrats! If you ever decide to have kids, I hope they're the kind that don't murder people for no reason.

  2. Aww, that's fantastic Emily! Congrats to you and your man :) P.S. Love the pic of you and Scott Wilson. Oh and have a Happy Halloween too!

  3. Congratulations! <3 Awesome. Much love from me and all the hedgehogs.

  4. Congratulations obviously. And I wanna thank you and Christine for that latest Feminine Critique episode. It was full of everything. Just everything. Amazingness.

  5. Aw man, how did I miss this? Congratulations!