Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm On Vacation!

Back soon. Try not to break anything while I'm gone. You can imagine how poor my skills are when it comes to superglueing stuff back together without confusing 'stuff' for 'my fingers.' 

Point is, I'm away doing super secret business in the American South. Dollywood will be conquered (again). Bourbon, most likely imbibed. My way of speaking, probably considered too fast.  I'll be back next week but in an effort to tide you over, allow me to share one of my absolute favorite death scenes that just so happens to come from a film set during Easter. Fear No Evil, take it away!

Happy Second Week In April everybody!


  1. Well have fun with your 'super secret business'. By the time you get back, I will have finally gotten all of my entries for The Shortening up! (I've already started)

  2. I'm back from vaca tomorrow, so jealous of you I am. Hope you have fun, and say hi to Dolly for me!

  3. A well earned break! Have fun in Dollywood.

  4. Hope you are having fun down in our woods of the neck. I look forward to hearing what your total count of received, "Hon"s and, "Little Missy"s was.

    Also, I must cite that video for inaccuracy. Suicide? Everyone knows that any man suddenly turned into a woman would not kill himself, he'd just go home and play with his breasts all day.

  5. Chris: yay!

    Matt: She still wants you to return her keys.

    Dusty: Thanks!

    Trever: I can't count high enough! And fully agree on Tony's foolishness. If I was suddenly cursed with a penis, I'd need another vacation!