Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Travels

Shortness isn't something that should ever be faced alone. Thankfully, friends of the Doll's House have lent their longer legs to bulk up the celebration of Year 2's Vertically Challenged Villainy. 

Over at The Death Rattle, Aaron is watching Puppet Master movies with more fury than Andre Toulon on a Nazi hunting spree and naming the Most Valuable Puppet for each. Glorious, right? Head over for his reviews of Part 1...

The Torch-fueled Part 2

The Six-Shooter vs. The Third Reich-filled Part 3

The new direction of Part 4

Part 5, where this thing happens:

And the non-numbered Part 6

Not to be left out of the Full Moon eclipse is the Direct to Video Connoisseur himself, who tackled David Schmoeller's original Puppet Master and the Tim Thomerson classic Dollman (South Bronx represent!).

Remember munchkins, if you have a site and are feeling short love, be sure to email me your links for next week's roundup. Now if you'll excuse me, my chariot awaits.


  1. Thanks again for posting the links to my reviews, I appreciate it!

  2. No, thank you for making them worthy of a link!