Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Birdemic On a Plate

Yes, I realize this is an image from a Christmas special (or THE Christmas special, if I may be so bold) but I feel it reflects my feelings of joy, gratefulness, and felt cuteness to the best of my abilities. Happy Thanksgiving, or Happy Thursday, or if you're in a REALLY alternate time zone/universe, Happy Day Where My Country Eats Turkey And Yours Goes To Work. Whatever it is, have a drink, watch a parade, complain about xmas carols being played too early, and have a good time. I'm thankful for having you as a reader (yes, YOU!, YOU! All of YOU!--well, except for you. No silly, YOU'RE okay, I mean the one with the weird mole standing next to you. That one creeps me out). Where was I going with this?


  1. Happy Birdemic On a Plate to you too, Emily - from one Strange Kids to another! :D

  2. Thanks Rondal! Hope yours was delicious.