Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Woops! They Forgot the H

Awareness is a dying art. Take, for example, my complete ignorance over the fact that in the fall of 1992 there existed a light-hearted sitcom set after the accidental release of nuclear missiles destroyed the majority of mankind. Because let’s face it: if there’s one subject that screams for ringing laughter courtesy of a studio audience, it’s the apocalypse.

Thanks to YouTube, that same wondrous creation that gave us Rebecca Black, Wicker Man compilations, and kittens playing the piano, FOX’s quickly cancelled Woops! remains as alive as the six lucky surviving stock characters it starred. Like many conventional sitcoms of its era, the show hasn’t aged well, but that doesn’t make it any less bizarrely fascinating, so much so that THE spokesman and president of the Dead 2 Rights (motto: Changing minds, not eating them) and myself just had to tackle this failed comedic exercise.
If you’re not familiar with Wayne Kotke, then let our co-discussion on Woops! be your entryway into a world of wonder. Wayne is a blogger, musician, comic scribe, and all-around superstar whose talents pretty much defy description. To learn more of this zombie--er, living impaired gentleman of whom I bestow my fondest praise, head over to his home base where you can find daily Zomby comics (just like another unlucky big-nosed Z-named character, but funny and dead) told with Wayne’s unique voice. Over yonder is the link to our Woops! writeup, complete with streaming links to the special Christmas episode.

What, you thought there’s no Christmas in the apocalypse? Santa DOES have a bomb shelter you know. And survivor’s guilt. 
Get to it!


  1. I only wish that Youtube had the hidden seven episodes of Heil Honey I'm Home. There is three and a half hours worth of terrible hitlomedy that has never been released to the public. THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO SEE IT!

  2. Damn, so the bloody kids caused the apocalypse! Conal Cochran had the right idea!
    Also, you're lucky, Intravia is the kind of surname that I would KILL for!

  3. SHEESH Chris! I NEED TO SEE THAT! It easily rivals HOmeboys From Outer SPace for best sitcom title ever. When did this air?

    And YES Gail, stupid children and their ruininess! We need corporations like Silver Shamrock to preserve the integrity of Halloween and the pre-apocalypse!

    There are also a few male Intravias buzzing around the world, so instead of killing one, you could just marry one. And then kill them. Or steal their identities and max out a few credit cards. The point is, there are OPTIONS.

  4. Heil Honey I'm Home aired in 1990, and presuming that you haven't looked it up already, it was about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living their nice, cushy life, which is always interrupted by their annoying Jewish neighbours, the Goldenstein's.

    Here are the Youtube links to the only episode that ever aired.

  5. I HAVE to believe Trey Parker & Matt Stone watched drew inspiration from this when they made That's My Bush. It's actually pretty interesting, and the sort of intentional sitcom conventions is used quite well. Definitely something that shouldn't work as an actual series, but as a sort of modern art, it oddly does.