Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick Stops!

I know--and hope--that all of you are in the midst of Halloween celebration/preparation/domination, but should you require any audio accompaniment, might I recommend a download of this week's Gentleman's Guide to Midnite Cinema? Aside from being one of the very best movie podcasts out there, episode 155 features li'l ole moi discussing the finer points of genre classic Near Dark with GGTMC's Large William, along with a whole lot of other podcasting superstars. Get thee to iTunes!

The Pax will be waiting
Also of note (and on the page): I took a ride on my (satanic) broomstick over to The Lightning Bug's Lair to drop a batch of 13 recommendations for best devil-made-me-do-it horror (or animated musical) movies. A few of my favorites showed up--because how does one NOT include something as amazing as this--so you might guess what you're in for, but I promise a few surprises and more importantly, a fine review of The Omen by the Bug himself. Fly away!

I've got pumpkins to kill kiss tell secrets to snort cuddle with carve. 

Yeah, that's it...


  1. Well with films like that, you're certainly having a better near-halloween time than I am. Picture having to watch a vampire film where nothing happens for an hour, and the film's 'hero' is mean to animals!! (Halloween plug-

  2. Chris: you must purge yourself! Get a showing of Trick 'r Treat or Return of the Living Dead, STAT!

    Anonymous! I somehow lost your comment by retitling this post, but I just read Ebert's Halloween III review and gah! I understand why this film was hated upon its release and in fairness, it is a tad ridiculous. But Rog, oh much as I love and respect him, I generally have to just pretend he doesnt review horror films for so often, I just don't think he gets it.

  3. Well I'll be spending my Halloween curled up on the sofa watching my Halloween movies, Dead Heat, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and Hard Rock Zombies! So I'll be fine!

  4. Throw in some candy corn, candy apples, and popcorn balls and it's the best party I can think of!