Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Weird, The Rogue Cinema, The Shirley

New stuff 1: Girls On Film
New episode time! My fellow movie-loving ladies and I gathered around our SKYPE-ready devices to discuss the New Zealand modern classic, Once Were Warriors (starring Jango Fett! and technically Boba Fett and every Stormtrooper on the Death Star if you think about it...) and Kim Jee-Woon's hit Korean western, The Good, The Bad, The Weird. It's two hours of movie talk for your ears and fear not: any dead air is carefully filled with discussions about bras. And occasionally, cats. Primarily because I realized that Korean actor Kang-Ho Song (Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance) is pretty much the human personification of Mookie, at least when he's playing the shlumphy chubby dude in films like The Host.

Trust me on this.

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New Stuff 2: Rogue Cinema 
The new July issue is blazing through the Interwaves, so head over for lots of indie film talk, plus three of my own reviews for the short film Quick Shop, the collection of not-safe-for-vegetarians shorts, The Collective, and a tattooee's worst nightmare, Degenerates Ink.

New Stuff 3: Shirley
West Virginian flea markets are a world unto their own, a magical universe that can be filled with anything from hand-carved coffee tables to hand-made fireworks. I recently had the pleasure of spending the most important dollar of my life on the following:

I have dubbed her Shirley. No, I do not know her history, which includes who fathered her brewing baby or where her shoes went. But I do know that she now lives in the Doll's House with such other doll-esque luminaries as the Moscow-grown Yolki Polki Goldenberg...

Creepy Sister Selden Thrift

and the freakish thing purchased from a now deceased dollar store

Here's a closer thing at The Greatest Thing Ever

Unlike the others, I'm pretty sure I won't wake up to find Shirley hovering over my bed with a knife or mace in her hand. She's got more important things to worry about, right?


  1. I'm busy right now so I can't listen listen to your podcast at the moment, what are your brief thought on The Good, The Bad, The Weird?


    I really liked it. I'm not the biggest Western fan, but I can enjoy one that moves along well and the action is pretty spectacular, plus the leads (particularly The Bad) are incredibly charismatic and watchable. Kind of reminded me of Silverado in spirit. Very high recommendation.

  3. Way to creep me out, Emily. If those things ever come to life, you're a goner!

  4. I know! I'm a warrior just for sleeping at night.

  5. I so need a Creepy Sister Seldon Thrift to inflict Catholic guilt upon my wife.

  6. And when you lay her down, her eyes close! AND she wears underwear! Get thee to a Long Island thrift shop or forever be damned!

  7. I've come to appreciate dolls more as an adult than I did as a child. I should dig out Amy and Mary Ann to 'ugly' them up and display them.

    And because of you Emily, I just bought a nun doll from Ebay. Thanks for making my wallet lighter! :-)

  8. Hey, that wallet could've given you back pain! I'm only happy to help!