Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Is Busting Out All Over Your Ovaries (but not quite that--well, um...)

New stuff!

1. A new month means a new issue of Rogue Cinema, so hop on your hoverboard and skate over here for, among other things, my review of the romantic drama Lovers In a Dangerous Time and an interview with Skew director Seve Schelenz. Stick around for tons of more content, with reviews of new indie releases and discussions with more film folks, including Hobo With a Shotgun director Jason Eisner.

B. Skip that venti frappaccino today and give your $7 to a far more noble cause: Paracinema! Yes, this is an ACTUAL PRINT MAGAZINE filled with original content on all the films you love or love but don't know about yet. Issue #12 features some typically great stuff, including an article on Kiyoshi Kurosawa bu VCinema's Josh Samford, some nostalgia on Explorers from Baby Eater Matt House, an interview with genre luminary (and Leprechaun 3 director!) Brian Trenchard-Smith, and original artwork you won't want to dog-ear. Go GIT it!

III. Need some sweet lady voices in your life? Prefer to hear those sirens ramble on about paint huffing, incest, and unusual genital designs? Then head to iTunes or podomatic for the newest episode of Girls On Film Radio. Myself and a few lovelier ladies tackle Alexander Payne's first film, Citizen Ruth (drink every time we say 'abortion'!) and a Japanese Criterion classic from 1963 called The Insect Woman. Shockingly enough, we somehow avoided bra talk this week, although I like to think that's made up for with adorable dog snoring.

Four. Those of you with a weakness for showtunes, pop music, or sweater vests probably already listen to GleeKast, the podcast myself and knitting pro extraordinaire Erica host on everybody's favorite/most hated Fox musical. Even so, allow me to remind you that our last 'official' episode is now available for download. We're taking a mini-hiatus to breathe and dedazzle, but we'll be back this summer with more bonus content on all things ridiculousness. 

Bonus points if you catch/agree with my Troll reference.


  1. Leprechaun 3? Meh! A far more suiting Lep credit for Trenchard-Smith is LEPRECHAUN 4: IN SPACE!! Now that is a film that I really have a hard time believing the eXistenZ of, mainly because I left the TV on one night after Spider-Man 2 was re-running and, half-asleep and unbelieving, I caught one of the craziest movies ever!!! It was only when I looked up the Leprechaun series on Wikipedia that I was convinced that it wasn't just a crazy dream!

  2. Having not seen Leprechaun 4 since the early '90s (as it's currently not available on DVD) I can't say much, but the eXistenZ of Part 3 (IN VEGAS!!!) is truly joyous. I'd love to track it down one of these days...

  3. Isn't Lep 4 available on a Lep series compilation or something? I hope so, if a movie called The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (Starring Christopher Lee (who else ) as the fearsome Count...Regula, who must have a brother somewhere named Count Toyota) can get a DVD release, then surely Lep 4 can!

  4. Sadly it's not! Vish pointed me to where I could get it on Amazon Canada, but I hate just buying a bare bones DVD when there's a *chance* it will eventually get a real release. Since it's currently now for sale in the States, I have to imagine it will one day get some sort of upgrade. Maybe???

  5. Just to make sure, I wasn't meaning up there that I don't like Leprechaun 3, no, it's as awesome as 4!

  6. Fine, I'll let you live. This time...