Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fixins

Bleh. January.

Not that one (though Betty Draper does make me use words that would make Dexter's sister-wife blush).

I'm talking this month, this cold, dry skinning, icy sidewalked month. It's a sloggish time for weather and work, and can you believe it? We still have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS for the inevitably amazing The Roommate. Sigh. We need some form of refreshment and thankfully, I've got a few random bursts of sunshine to shine your way.

First off, it's weekend vacation time with the virgins! In simpler terms, head over to The Blood Sprayer for my post on horror cinema's most complicated good girls (and boy) and while you're there, stick around for some truly spectacular content from an array of talented writers. It's like a Godiva box of chocolates without the hazelnut!

Psst. By the way, I'll give you a kitten if you can successfully prove you ever predicted you'd live to see Queen Amidala French kissing Sheitan.

Also, an exciting announcement from one of my most favoritest blogs out there: Planet of Terror is going pod! Cortez (the Killer) and the mysterious Complaint Department have started a podcast, an exciting burst of audio pleasure you can currently find streaming here. Get to it!

Lastly, this is your friendly reminder to prepare yourself for littleness. We're just 11 days away from The Deadly Doll's House First (Maybe) Annual February of the Vertically Challenged Villains Month du Shorties!  It's a long title for a short month. I'm ironic like that.

On my slate thus far, expect 28 days of posts including, but not limited to the following:

Blood gnomes, black devil dolls from hell, puppet people, puppets, dolls, dangerous worry dolls, ghoulies, klowns, evil fetuses, evil babies possessed by sinful dwarfs, carnivorous tree babies, leprechauns, dummies, sociopathic children, brainwashed backwoods children, murderous African tribal dolls, more dolls, bad seeds, and the incarnation of angry aborted fetuses come to life in the form of homicidal midgets!

Contain your excitement (or wig, in the '90s slang kinda way) and get your posts ready!


  1. Many thanks for the shoutout my lovely friend!

  2. OMG I HAAAAATE BETTY! Why have we not discussed this?
    Also, YAY for doll month!

  3. Hugs PoT!

    Ashlee: I'd love to say *do cartwheel*, but even in my fantasies, I'd probably pull a muscle.

    Christine! We HAVEN'T discussed this! Last I heard, you and the Dyl were just starting Mad Men. I can't watch Mad Men without calling Betty a cunt at least nine times, triple that for the last two seasons. I hate her *almost* as much as Dexter's LaGuerta, but that's a hatred I can't even process.

  4. As the kids say, hollah that. Rachel and Faye all the way!

  5. Dylan gets mad when I go on rampages while we are watching it. SOMEHOW she got worse for season 2. And I just can't take it. I have no idea if Jones herself is a vapid, disgusting person. But now I can't bare to even see a picture of her. It throws me into a rage!!!


  6. Christine, I'd love to tell you it gets better but that would be a lie. Wait til season 4, when you will find yourself reaching through the television in an attempt to adopt the adorable Sally and save her from that awful awful thing of a mother. Just wait...