Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monster (Mish)Mash

You might not guess it from the terrible job of decorating I’ve done around here, but it’s still October, which means it’s still the greatest time of the year, which means I should be spreading way more happiness. 
I will do that now.
Pod Pleasures

Obviously, your ears would be delighted to hear the sounds of me blathering on about Glee (via the GleeKast) or random classic/foreign/ridiculous cinema on the bi-monthly(ish) GirlsOnFilm Radio Podcast, but you already know that. Allow me to force some new Halloween pleasure inside your pretty little heads, starting with the ShowShow’s Annual Spooktacular. During October, this 180+ episode podcast takes on a challenge that costs them their sanity (but rewards their listeners with joyous and wrong laughter): watching and discussing a horror movie every day.

You might think ‘eh, that’s nothing, I watch NINE movies EVERY DAY because I’m GREAT,’ but what that probably means is you watch nine movies every day because you’re empty inside. How to fill that emotional void? Download some ShowShow. Hear Miles, Katie, and a few other wacky Californians get loopy talking about such classic fare as Eyes Without a Face, Dolls, Mummy Theme Park (which sounds absolutely amazing) and much, much much, much (and much) more, including 1988’s The Lady In White (and also, much more...much).

Speaking of The Lady In White, a more PG-rated approach can be found over at Family Movie Night, another fine podcast run by Dr. J and one of the youngest (yet quite reliable) film critics out there, his 10-year-old daughter KK. Since watching this movie a few weeks ago, I continue to be fascinated to hear other opinions on its odd tonal shifts, and who better to discuss it than a member of its intended age bracket?
Both shows can be found at iTunes, with forum pages over at For even more timely Halloween happenings, I recommend checking out Outside the Cinema’s 2nd Annual Halloween Throwdown, where host Bill(ByForce) will be showing a few nearly-impossible-to-find horror movies from groovy obscurity. The films will be streaming live starting at 12 EST on Saturday, All Hallows Eve’s Eve. Head to any time for that plus 12 hours and enjoy.

Magazine Mania
Remember those really thin books you used to get in the mail and occasionally cut scraps out of when doing school projects or sending ransom notes? They’re back, at least when it comes to covering genre films!

That’s right kiddos: there’s a new issue of Paracinema floating around the world and I’m going to now say anything I want because you should no longer be reading this but rather buying your copy or perusing its pages as we speak, so here goes: I didn’t like Tenebrae and I erased a stray mark on a closed section of my ACTs 11 years ago after time had been called. Whew. Felt good to say that. You can start reading again.

So. Paracinema Issue 10! Incredible articles on Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Possession, Robert Downey SENIOR, and Victor Salva’s Clownhouse, the last of which was written by none other than yours truly. Order your copy today and thank me later.
Happy yet?

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