Saturday, October 9, 2010


During this Best Month Of the Year, many fine and ambitious bloggers load up on the energy-high-ifying candy corn pumpkins and produce a post a day, which is impressive and near impossible when your fingers are growing as chubby as candy corn pumpkins by eating, well, so many candy corn pumpkins.

Once again, I'm nowhere near organized enough to truly put together a huge October plan, but I'll do my best to attempt to produce Halloween-themed content, be it a review of Satan's Little Helper or an announcement of my costume plans (tick tock, tick tock, tick shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit).

But in between stressful candy corn gorging in the hopes of formulating a Halloween plan, I've been busy elsewhere, namely Rogue Cinema. This month, you can find two new reviews of intriguing short films, including Joel Reid's Death By Death, Tyler Cathey's 5ive,  plus an interview with The Absent's writer/director, Sage Bannick

Head there for a batch of other interesting musings on film criticism, indie flicks, and Grindhouse goodness (and badassness).

Also this week, GleeKast! A new episode featuring Stamos drool, ultimatums, and inappropriate sexual activities in the library. You know you want to dance along, so download and enjoy...bitch.

Oh oh! And remember dear Eastern Americans (or as I like to call, Eastericans), should you be in or anywhere NEAR the Wuh-ster area of Massachusetts next weekend (October 15th-17th) you BEST be stopping by the annual Rock 'N Shock horror convention. Guests include some dude with a ponytail named George, Bill Esprestin Esquire, Ruggero "The Barbarian" Deodato, and more. More importantly, I'll be hanging out all through Saturday and Sunday with GleeKast cohostess Erica, plus a bunch of other supercool Internet people. So really, unless you're a Yankees fan or have some other allergy to New England, we'll see each other soon, yes?


  1. How about "In order to be able to afford such a trip, I'd have to sell my body a LOT to the night to make it to Rock and Shock", as an excuse for why I sadly can't make it? :(

  2. Here's a tip Mikey: dress like a geisha. It automatically raises your price per hour.

    Not like I know by experience or anything.