Thursday, June 3, 2010

Approximately 6 Years Ago...

I had just started my first post-college job as a professional dog walker...

Yoda's atrocious remake of The Stepford Wives was making its bid to be the worst theatrically released comedy of all time...

Kevin Kangas' Fear of Clowns  was about a week into distribution, slowly introducing the world to the sexy calendar pinup possibilities of bare chested clowns with active gym memberships...

And Rogue Cinema was birthing its way through a clean Internet womb (or at least, one far less messy than XTRO 's gutty emergence)...

Which leads us to today's news, i.e., there's a new issue of Rogue  burning up the world wide web with Calrissian charm and lots of indie goodies. Most notably (or relevant) are two interviews conducted by yours truly, including one with up and coming filmmaker Phil Stevens (Frank Edge Jr) and another  with everybody's favorite Maryland madman, Kevin "Fear of Clowns 2 " Kangas.

A few more things, if you didn't listen and are still here:

1. Yes, I'm aware it's been a full three days with no new poll. This will be explained shortly. Your anticipation should be providing a slightly pleasant burning sensation right about now.

2. No Pop Syndicate column this week due to Life or Something Like It (seriously; I've been watching that Angelina Jolie-goes-blonde movie on loop for a week and I simply can't think straight) but it shall return in seven days.

3. Only 6 days left for The Contest!  I'm incredibly excited to tackle some of the recommended films but absolutely terrified to choose a winner from the wonderful entries, so make my life harder why dontcha and send me a recommendation from the provided list . You have until June 9th, because that's an easy number for me to remember.

4. And yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But you'll have to survive the current heat wave with good intentions in order to meet him at his best.


  1. I'm still miffed you didn't use the publicity shot of me that was the tasteful nude(where I'm holding the severed clown head over my junk). I mean, that shot is MONEY.

  2. I totally forgot to respond! The whole reason we couldn't use the shot had to do with licensing. The nudity was gloriously professional, but the clown nose's trademark was too prominently displayed in the high resolution you sent. Curse those lawyers.