Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Let the 12th Annual Shortening Begin!

 It's February! It's COLD!  It's dark. I'm FORTY. The world is on fire (and yet still: it's cold). 

So here at the Doll's House, we find a way to brighten these black days by, well, celebrating all things small. It's a short month, I'm a short person, and you know what? I love horror movies about short villains. Since it's also my birthday month, I make the executive decision of turning parts around here into a celebration of all the things I love.

Killer kids!

Killer crawlers!

Killer animals too short to ride roller coasters!

And if we're lucky, dolls!

So expect the next few weeks to be small in stature. And don't forget: if you have your own site or podcast or whatever creative things exist in the world these days and want to join in, just comment here with links to your work and I'll shout it out at the end of the month.

Have at it!

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