Monday, March 29, 2021

A Very Late Shortening Roundup!

Dolls, it's been QUITE a decade so far, with the vengeful ghosts of 2020 still pushing their fury onto us now. And much like the Oscars, I ended up on a bit of a delay with one of my favorite annual traditions: Shortening Shares!

As has been true for a decade now, every February, I devote the blog to covering films about vertically challenged villains and invite my fellow writers to do the same. I then make sure my readers get an easy link to view their posts...all of which usually happens in our most glorious, least long month of the year.

Well, it's March, which is close enough! 

First, we take an ill-fated cruise to a mysterious island overrun by adorably angry puppets in Attack of the Beast Creatures, reviewed at The Horror Movie Hideout by tedarwinator. It's a delight!

Next, we head down under to Not This Time, Nayland Smith's homebase for some coverage of adorably ghostly early 2000s kids' TV: Scary Godmother and Phantom Investigators. 

Thanks to my pals for joining the fun!

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