Monday, March 4, 2019

A Short(ening) Roundup!

Another turn of the calendar, another moment to bid adieu to the Shortening! Of course, one can't quite do that alone. Remember, we vertically challenged often need a little assistance. Just ask the random taller strangers we constantly require to reach up for the good cereal cruelly placed on the top shelf at any supermarket.

Over at Senseless Cinema, the one and only Doctor Pseudonymous wheels on over to Canada for the glorious weirdness that is The Pit! I'd honestly forgotten just how bonkers this murderous-boy-and-his-talking-teddy-bear truly is, but the doc goes deep into the details! Head on over (but remember to keep your head down so as to not fall into the titular man-eating orifice).

Way down under at Not This Time, Nayland Smith, we've got the one and only Chris Hewson tackling 1964's Tintin & the Blue Oranges. From what I gather, it's a pretty movie LOADED with kidnappings!

And if your fill of the little is still running low, then plan ahead: on Tuesday night, March 19th, I'll be bringing the tiny terror to Brooklyn by hosting an evening screening of a movie near and dear to my cold blackened heart, Dolls! Get your details here and tickets soon!



  1. I just missed out on reviewing it for The Shortening, but you might enjoy "The Hole in the Ground"--it's a new Irish horror film about a single mom whose kid starts showing some verrrryyyy strange behavior after they move to an isolated house near a gigantic, crumbling hole. It's a movie heavy on dream imagery and explorations of family trauma, but there is definitely some tiny-terror action.

    I always enjoy your reviews!

    1. Thanks for the recommend! Never heard of that one, but it sounds fun. And feel free to still share your review! I can always add it here. And tomorrow is another year!

  2. Glad to be participating in the Shortening once again, Emily, even if my month did end up being unexpectedly busy!

    I was also going to review the weird German film The Head (like a proto Brain that Wouldn't Die), but totally forgot, and The Manipulator. It was halfway through that film though when I realised how fleeting life is, and how little there'd be to discuss even if I did see the whole movie, so I switched it off. haha

    1. Life is full of some pretty deep choices sometimes!