Thursday, October 16, 2014

Would You Like To Hear More?


There's really never not a good time to talk about Starship Troopers, Paul Verhoeven's masterpiece of satire, action, and vaginal faced brain bugs sucking Patrick Muldoon's innards out of his soap star dreamface.

I bring up the fourth best film of all time (although all-time best use of ex-90210 cast members) not just because it's Friday, but more because you can hear me discuss it with From the Depth's of DVD Hell's great Elwood Jones over at the debut episode of his podcast Mad, Bad, and Downright Strange.  

And that's not all!

My husband and I took a break from watching Jeopardy! and Murder, She Wrote to record a special guest episode of Married With Clickers, one of my favorite film podcasts out on the interwaves. The topic? 

Only one of the most underrated horror comedies of all time. You can head here to hear the episode. While you're there, be sure to check out the other great offerings of horror reviews for the month. 

Hold on tight! One more...

If you haven't been listening to my regular podcast, The Feminine Critique, then our last episode might bring you back in the fold. My partner in crime Christine and I tackled Mike Flanagan's recent WWE produced (???, seriously) hit Oculus. It's a much stronger and deeper film than its marketing may have suggested. We have lots to say on the matter. 

And now, because I love you, I shall exit with a Clancy Brown slideshow:

Yup. That settles everything.


  1. Thanks for making it such a blast to record and looking forward to seeing what the next selection is going to be! No doubt it won't be the last time we Clancy Brown or Michael Ironside are brought up though.
    I really enjoyed your married with clicker's podcast which only made me want to see "Dr Giggles" even more than when you first mentioned it and the Feminine Critique is always required listening.

  2. Thanks all around Elwood! And I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do revisit Dr. Giggles any time soon.