Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's Get Physical

As some of you might know, about a year ago, I picked up this disgusting and highly improbable hobby called ‘jogging.’ It’s a strange, sometimes communal activity that can involve any of the following:

-Neon colored clothing made from materials possibly designed by NASA


-Goose poop hopscotch

-Excessive use of petroleum jelly

-Skunk dodging

-Gratefulness for the NYC Parks Department’s maintenance of water fountains

-Double stuffed Oreos

-Sweat from regions of the human body hereto unknown as sweat-producing

-A fanny pack

Why people will themselves to do this, I’m still figuring out even as I wake up at 5:30 in the morning to trot down to a park in full panting mode. In light of this new lifestyle of sorts, my dear friend and running pal Betsy and I have started a blog, Fitness With Some Fat.

As you can guess, it has little to do with genre movies (save for my constant need to point out that being able to kind of run might potentially help me come slasher spree or zombie outbreak) so I don’t necessarily expect it to have appeal to most of my readers. But if anyone has any interest in what keeps us motivated to jog, how to make vegetable pasta dishes, or is just dying to learn more about the true horror story that is a bowel movement on a long run, then I cordially invite you to head over and add or glean whatever wisdom might happen.

Some of it even involving Grover. 'Cause that's how we roll.


  1. I'm lucky I live in a secluded area in a small town, so there's no-one around to see the sweaty mess that is me awkwardly jogging.

  2. Oh, I have a whole upcoming essay about the fear of people watching you when you jog. I look like a stepped-on T-rex with a fanny pack and asthma when I run!

  3. Look forward to reading it Emily. As someone who also abruptly took up Running a couple of years ago might I recommend Born To Run if you're ever feeling light on inspiration? It's like steroids for the soul.

  4. My go-tos have been the Burlesque soundtrack and anything Spice Girls-related, but I'm always open to more steroids!

  5. Er... This Born To Run.

    Though come to think of it Springsteen definitely works as Soul Steroid too.

  6. Hey, the Spice Girls' book on running was VERY inspirational!

    I kid. I am now adding it to my library holds list. With minor aw shucksness.