Friday, January 11, 2013

Ear This!

It's a double whammy of podcast punching this week. First up, my 7-episode old show, The Feminine Critique, Christine and I don our glittery synchronized swimming caps and head to the water.


And figuratively.

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Also in podcastland, I guest star on this week's episode of Outside the Cinema, where host Bill By Force and I discuss Mario Bava's pre-giallo giallo The Girl Who Knew Too Much and, far more excitingly, the Mario Lopez star vehicle form 1999, Outta Time.

I don't know how else to say it: Outta Time is the greatest 90 minutes you never knew existed.

Head here  for the full experience. Hurry up! Dive in!


  1. Renny Harlin is an extremely underrated director; although I think it has more to do with him lucking in to some good scripts versus his actual talent because when his films aren't good, they suck pretty horribly. But Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2, Long Kiss Goodnight, and especially Deep Blue Sea (One of the Greatest Big Budget B-Movies imo). Hell, I'll even throw some love at Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and Cutthroat Island on occassion.

    But Deep Blue Sea is a movie I love, and it's unconditional and unironic; it makes me sad sometimes how much I love that movie: "You think water is bad; TRY ICE!!!"

  2. I get into trouble for this, but I LOVE Nightmare 4. It has the best kills in the series! I also love the HArlin stuff in Never Sleep Again. It seems like he just walked into the studio and scared people into letting him direct a movie. I admire that sass in a man.

    There is so much awesome in Deep Blue Sea. It has a dirty-talking parrot! And ends with an LL COol J original rap about sharks! And it has super smart SHARKS! And Sam Jackson in a sweater over a collared shirt!

    I might need to watch it again. Now.

  3. Not to mention Skellan Skarsgard urinating and LL giving a physics analogy to Michael Rappaport who is the least convincing scientist this side of Denise Richards. Its good stuff.

    NOES 4 is probably my 3rd or 4th favorite depending on how I feel about New Nightmare that day. The kills are good. I just never really cared for the character of Alice and they killed Kincaid. That wasn't right. But heads and tails better than Dream Child or Freddys Dead. Love the Never Sleep Again stuff as well.

  4. New Nightmare is a great idea, but I just find it boring. Needs more bug transformations in my opinion.

    Rap papist is pretty unbelievable, but his bromance with Thomas Jane is rather adorable. And yes, I do love that we're introduced to Skarsgard as he pres into the vast deep blue sea .

  5. 'The greatest 90 minutes I never knew existed', you say? Well it'll have to fight for that place in my eyes with the greatest 180 minutes I never knew existed-The Langoliers! Until seeing it, I'd heard barely anything about it, and I can't believe how, because The Langoliers has some of the greatest overacting in any film ever!

  6. I LOVED the first 5/6ths of the novella, then accepted, as always, a disappointing Stephen King ending. The series is pretty hilarious. Poor Balki!