Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That's Right, Go Beg Somewhere Else

Because if you do, you might get some positively delicious treats!

Animals Doing Human Stuff  Month can't, after all, be contained to one little doghouse of the Internet blogosphere. That's why today, I'm throwing that frisbee all the way down under to Australia (yes, the same place that Ozzie lives in all his talking koala glory). Chris Hewson, keeper of all things Not This Time, Nayland Smith, has bravely stepped up to the fence to take on the failed Peter Boyle tv pilot, Poochinski.

How a show about a talking police dog could have failed to get picked up is a mystery better left in the 20th century. For us modern kids, let us mourn the loss of what most likely would have saved humankind by always remembering the name Poochinski.

Even if he's kind of really creepy 
In fairly unrelated news, I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The sound of a million monocles popping.

To prove it, I recently guest starred on First Times With Fozzie, my dear pal Fozzie Bare’s fine little dish of a podcast that covers all things first—ALL things. Head here to download or stream the Buffy spectacular, where myself, Fozzie, my cohostess with the mostess on GleeKast Erica, Jeremy the Fake Shemp, and Outside the Cinema’s founder and chief Bill By Force discuss the first time we ever sat down to see Sarah Michelle Gellar alternate with a talented stunt double while delivering kickass puns in unreasonable shoes.

And remember: if YOU have a review of an Animals Doing Human Stuff film, shoot me an email at deadlydollshouse at gmail dot com so I can give a big wet slobbery kiss of a link.

Wait for me, Poochinksi


  1. Oh shit, I had heard about this. It's for real. Anyway, I should contribute something because I like the genre, but I'm not sure what. This will take some digging.

  2. Dig away!...like a talking dog police officer!