Friday, July 20, 2012

You Know I'm Bad

Hop in!

We're riding over to Rupert Pupkin Speaks for my list of favorite (cough cough) bad movies.  Blogmaster Rupert has been inviting a slew of cinemaniacs over to his virtual crib to share the best of the worst, and I encourage all to browse through his recent archives for a ridiculously unhealthy, yet oh so enjoyable batch of recommendations.

And let's face it: you know you've found the right film loving community when you're not the first, but the SECOND person to mention The Guy From Harlem.


  1. Your list is so awesome... I MUST see Grind. Also, you MUST see Airborne! Trust me.

  2. Matt, I really feel like you more than anyone would benefit from watching Grind. And believe me: that's a compliment. And I'll seek out Airborne! The movie, not the medication.