Monday, May 7, 2012

Is It Safe?

Yes, yes it seems to be.

Apologies for the scary red warning of death you might have received when trying to visit this site over the last few days. Chalk it up either the Internet hating me, a troll with a strange vendetta against Alison Brie giving birth to her brother's demonseed baby, or an ancient Gypsy curse that I'm pretty sure was placed upon my family a few centuries ago (it's how I've rationalized a steady line of intense Intravia clumsiness).

Anyway, I'm back. Thanks to all who offered assistance navigating these tarantula filled technical realms of cyperspace that I loathe so. I'm now slowly reassembling things, including the old blogroll and my sanity. 

Then again, was that ever an actual thing?
Back soon with good old fashioned reviews!

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