Monday, March 28, 2011

Life Is Good, And Not JUST 'Cause of Bacon Bread (though that accounts for a huge part of it)

This might be all you need to know that Horror Hound Indianapolis 2011 was a magical place.

The fact that I now own this is further proof:

Most importantly, I got to spend three days with truly wonderful folks from across the country and Interwaves. I’ve been to my share of horror conventions (because I am indeed THAT cool) but believe me when I say there is something truly magical in the air at Horror Hound, maybe because it’s some sort of positive Pontypool contagion being spread by Night of the Living Podcast. Who can be sure? The point it, those who were there, I adore you and those who weren’t were indeed missed. Please do your best to fly, teleport, hitch, or commandeer a late Veterans’ Day parade to Cincinnati come November for the next event. 

We'll be waiting.
Okay fine, there is one thing better than the spectacular wonderful snuggable pals I shared beers and karaoke verses with, and that would be Bacon Bread. For those who don’t know, breakfast buffets are great places that sometimes offer vats of bacon to their guests. 

There’s a lot of grease in bacon vats. Grease that would be wasted were it not for something to collect it, something absorbent and edible. Something that will, with enough time and liquid, turn into a treat more delicious than anything you have or will ever taste. Bacon Bread makes life worth living, although the downside is that once you eat it, you increase your chance of immediate death by 88%. So pace yourself with your Bacon Bread, savor each juicy bite but pull back once the palpitations kick in. We need you to last at least until November.


  1. I think I spotted you at one of the screenings! Did you get any autographs while you were there?

  2. You were there???? Why no hunting down for hugs!!!?? I actually didn't do any screenings (too busy with HUGS) but I did score Joe Bob Briggs autographed book, although I was too fidgety to get any good conversations going. Will you be at Cincinatti's Horror Hound?

  3. Still scratching my head over this concept of "Bacon bread"

  4. Stop trying because once you do, your head will explode from Awesome.

  5. I was there. I was looking for you as well. I didn't know if you could check your blog or not so I didn't leave a comment about it. I'm going to try and make the Cinci one this year. I should have the money to go.

    Are you sure it wasn't you at the screening? It sure looked like you from the pics I have seen of you. Maybe it was your good twin?

  6. Dangit! We'll definitely coordinate next time. I'll be there all weekend!

    And now I'm so very intrigued by the idea of my evil/good twin. I didn't see any of the movies while I was there, so unless it happened when I was drunk, I'm fairly certain it couldn't have been me. But WEIRD!