Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She-Devil Shortie of the Month: Dolly Dearest

“If Chucky from Child’s Play weren’t already taken, he might go for this demonic she-devil.”

That one sentence is Netflix’s description of Dolly Dearest, and that makes me happier than a thousand Golden Retriever puppies rolling on their backsides at once. Dolly Dearest, for those who don’t know, was a quickie cash-in on the commercial hit that played on repeat in my nightmares throughout the early '90s. Though the films isn't particularly frightening, the idea of Dolly was enough to send my already doll-phobic childhood mind into overdrive, a terrible speed wherein the lass would prowl through my home with Chucky on one side and Pet Sematary's Gage on the other in search of my flesh.

Odd when really, we're talking about a quickie C-grade horror movie in which the villain takes fashion tips from Peanuts' Lucy

(But clearly not ladylike manners)
For the full dolltastic experience, I'll be sending you shorties on a field trip over to the one, the only, the best named blog in existence run by one of the coolest cats in the business (even if his height disqualifies him from ever truly understanding the plight of the wee), Chuck Norris Ate My Baby. The incredibl(y tall)  Mattsuzaka has a full and funky review of Dolly Dearest, so hop in your go-cart, Miatta, or Power Wheels and head on over to CNAMB for a ramba with an ancient Mayan demon possessed mass market produced children's toy with a wily tongue and giant head.

No ex-girlfriend jokes, please.


  1. Well, I am honored by the linkage, Emily and despite my over abundance of height I am happy to have taken part in such a joyous month! When it comes to class, you, my dear, are the tallest glass of class I have ever been acquainted with. That really makes no sense but it's a compliment, I promise!

  2. Dammit, I haven't kept up with this series as much as I would have liked. Please forgive me.

    Dolly Deareast sounds like a hoot!

  3. It totally feels like a compliment Matt! Thanks again for dolling it up!

    PoT, I could never ever be made at you. Would still love to read your own Black Devil Doll From Hell review though!

  4. I don't know how I feel about Dolly Dearest, the lady. I mean, she's no plastic Jennifer Tilly!