Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hubbub, Potpourri, Stuff 'N' Such, Thingamajigs & More!

As many of you know, the goddesses of the blogosphere have dubbed February Women In Horror Month. I've been lazy in celebrating both this theme and the more nationally recognized Black History Month in part because these 28 days would already be stuffed with such activities as the celebration of me being born, Olympic figure skating that I can't not watch, a sudden pileup of projects at work, and surviving rampages of the infected as they sprint like trainees for the 2012 summer games in London.

Also I hate women. 
And black history.

Anyway, glad I got that off my chest! Onto today's business, wherein I direct you to one woman doing her part to celebrate the ladies of horror with a daily spotlight of bloggers, writers, filmmakers and the like, all talented and all with vaginas. Rhonny Reaper of Dollar Bin Horror (a fine blog with a fantastically genius basis that focuses on bargain films) is running the Cyber Scream Queen of the Day series and on this chilly Wednesday, tis I who graces her page. You can head here to see a suggestive photo of what Kane Hodder inspired my thumb to do and read a little ol' intro/recap of myself and this here blog.

Best of all is the fact that I get to keep this:

Super because a) who doesn't love Jamie Lee? b) every gal deserves a tiara and c) it references one of the most misleading movie posters of all time. I swear I watched Prom Night purely in the hopes to see a disco dancin' Jamie Lee axe some classmates. Pah. At least it boasts this silver fox:

Sigh. Remember to follow Rhonny Reaper and check out some of the other horror hoes highlighted this month. Also, for those itching for thematics, explore some of the Blogdacious Blogs on my sidebar. Quite a few are doing their share to cover black history (notably Chuck Norris Ate My Baby and The Horror Digest) while a few more are getting all estrogeny with a feminine perspective (Fascination With Fear, Monsterland ) and some are going all-out equal opportunity and doing BLACK WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH (From Midnight With Love ). There's some great work all around, plus a lot more I probably overlooked cause I'm a terrible person.

And for those wondering when the Doll's House will get in the act, stay tuned for March. It may be a looooooooong month, but that doesn't mean it's tall. Hint hint. Hint hint.


  1. You're just a racist misogynist. Will you marry me?

  2. just wondering, did you ever see the episode of The Littlest Hobo with Leslie Nielson?

  3. Ha ha...a victim of the dreaded thumbs up in a photo! I have been there many times and those times are very dark indeed!

  4. Andre: Sex changes for all! As long as I then don't have to date women!

    James: Yes, providing you resemble Leslie Nielsen or have no problem with eating nachos the rest of your life.

    Vish: No! Should I? (I imagine the answer is yes)

    Matt: Dark green, to be precise.