Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JUST a Popularity Contest?

The polls are open and my pride is more vulnerable than a grizzled character actor in a slasher film.

That's right you lovely literati: The Ms. Blogosphere voting hath begun, and as the petroleum jelly slowly erodes my pearly whites, I kindly request your support in the form of one click from your index finger (or, as Fozzie in The Muppet Treasure Island would say, the man who LIVES in your finger).

This is a friendly competition run by the blogging superbeasto B-Sol over at The Vault of Horror intended to honor and celebrate female horror bloggers for all our movie musings, thrilling introspection, and Bruce Campbell adoration. You can catch my original interview here and vote once (just once total; it's just like a REAL election...in some countries) between now and December 4th by going to The Vault's homepage .

Any help would be appreciated, especially since we really should be focusing more on building up our future for our children and like, some people don't even have maps.

Wait: wrong competition. This is the one where I'm Mimi Rogers and I'm supposed to kill Kathy Ireland, yes?

I'm all confused. Just vote once. Then check out some of my fellow bloggistas for all their bloody wisdom. And leave Kathy Ireland alone.

I'll just be over here, warming up for the talent portion of the evening, wherein I'll be performing MacArthur Park on the tablah.

No, I am serious.

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