Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help Me Shop

As I struggle to find that free 90-120 minutes to watch what hopefully will yield deep writable impressions on my twisted little mind, I didn't want to go too long a stretch with no content. Hence, today's most selfish post where I solicit free advice regarding which poster for The Wicker Man I should throw my bid into ebay for. If it helps, the current decorating scheme of my very adult and mature apartment includes artwork for Night of the Living Dead, The Ewoks 2: Battle For Endor, Battle Royale, and a three-in-one of Carrie, Burnt Offerings, and Aubrey Rose.


Your choice and explanation are highly valued and will be rewarded with happy thoughts from my cats.

Meanwhile, I've succumbed to the evil addictive force that is Flickchart. Total Recall vs. Rushmore? Halloween vs. Ed Wood? It's like masochist porn for film lovers, only neverending and free. You can friend me over there where I'm listed as deadlydolls.

And don't judge me on those rankings just yet. Million Dollar Baby at no. 3? Only when it continuously has to battle weaklings like My Best Friend's Wedding and the headache-inducing Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

I'm hoping to get back to some good old fashioned reviewing in another few days, so until then, return your Netflix DVDs in a reasonable time period, don't litter, and visit your local library.

Consider my community service done.


  1. First of all, I vote that you definitely go after the first poster, although would it really be that bad to bid on both?

    Secondly, I requested to be invited to Flickchart and now I have to wait for their reply?! What is the vetting process comprised of? I get that it's still in its beta stage, but I'm against waiting of all kinds. This aggression will not stand, man.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Flickchart's elistism is quite offensive, I agree. Of course, now that I'm one of the cool kids, I find it necessary and right.

    That being said...if you send me your email, I just may wield my powers for the greater good.

  4. I'm in! They left the back door open...

  5. I am having trouble picking one...I was thinking the second poster, but i love the background colors of the first poster. First poster is my pick!